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Frequently Asked Questions

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Empty Cradle FAQ's

What can I expect when attending a meeting for the first time?
You will be greeted by a meeting facilitator and asked to fill out an intake form. These forms are used internally only. Each meeting is structured differently, but there will be time for sharing your story if you choose. You do not have to share if you are not comfortable. The first meeting can be a little overwhelming, but it does get easier with each meeting.
Are children allowed at meetings?
Children are not allowed at the meetings with the exception of our Scripps Ranch, Subsequent Pregnancy Support meeting.
How do I join the private Facebook group?
Visit our Empty Cradle Private Facebook Group Here. Please keep in mind that once you have requested to join our private Facebook group, one of the group’s administrators will private message you to inquire about your loss story. We are dedicated to keeping the private group a safe place for sharing and only loss parents are allowed in the group.
How much does it cost to attend a meeting?
There is NO cost to attend any of the meetings.
Is there support for bereaved fathers?
We offer online, phone and email support for bereaved fathers, please visit our support page for more information. We also have a father’s break-out group at our monthly East County support meeting.
Do I need to register for the meetings in order to attend?
No. There is no need to RSVP and there is no fee to attend. You can view all our current meeting with dates, times and addresses on our Empty Cradle Calendar.

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