Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support, Education & Remembrance

Our monthly group meetings provide a forum for the open discussion of feelings and concerns. Parents are free to share in whatever way is most comfortable for them. Although there are no simple answers to the complex emotions surrounding the death of a baby, mutual reassurance is obtained in the group setting.

We offer 5 peer support meetings at 5 different locations each month.

Our Mother of Confidence Catholic Church

The meeting will take place in the St. Cecelia Room (classroom #3). If you are facing the main entrance to the church, park towards the right side of the parking lot. You will see a set of stairs that leads down to the room. Take the stairs. The door to the room will be open.

NOTE: If you are not able take stairs, please let us know as there is also a different way to get to the room.

3131 Governor Dr, San Diego, CA 92122

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