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Remembrance Items

Memory Boxes, Miscarriage Bags and Sibling Backpacks

Our Remembrance Care Packages are donated directly to hospitals in the Southern California Area.  

If you would like to request any of our care packages for your facility, please fill out our request form.

Memory Boxes

 Memory Boxes

Our hope is that no bereaved family leave the hospital empty handed. Memory boxes are donated to local hospitals and then distributed to grieving families experiencing the loss of a baby.  The boxes contain items to create memories, resources to aid in the grieving process and remembrance items that bereaved families cherish.

Our Memory Boxes include:  Storage box, When Hello Means Goodbye, brochure, card from another bereaved parent, parent journal, Rights of Parents and Baby card, blanket, 2 hats in different sizes, 2 diapers in different sizes from Teeny Tears, hand or footprint air dry clay, hair collection bottle, glass butterfly tea light holder and lavender candle, 2 rubber cause bracelets, Always in my Heart charm, cause pin.

Miscarriage Bags

 Miscarriage Bags

Miscarriage bags are donated to local hospitals and then distributed to bereaved families experiencing the loss of a baby through miscarriage. Miscarriage can be a difficult loss as it often goes unrecognized by family, friends and the healthcare community.  The bags contain resources to aid in the grieving process and remembrance items that bereaved families cherish.

Our Miscarriage Bags include: Tiny hat and diaper from Teeny Tears, Miscarriage Book, worry stone, rubber cause bracelet, Always in my Heart charm, cause pin, brochure and card from another bereaved parent.

Sibling Backpacks

 Sibling Backpacks

When a baby dies, the entire family feels the loss. The Sibling Backpacks are provided to local hospitals and distributed to families who have lost a baby.  These backpacks include items to help older siblings understand the loss of their baby brother or sister and comfort them when they are feeling sad.

Our Sibling Backpacks include: Drawstring backpack, the children’s book We Were Gonna Have a Baby, But We Had an Angel Instead, stuffed teddy bear, coloring book, crayon pack and stickers.



We are always in need of blanket and hat donations for our Memory Boxes and Miscarriage Bags.  Blankets can be up to 36"x36" in size.  They can be knitted, crocheted, cotton, flannel or soft fabric.  We do not recommend using fleece as it can stick to delicate baby skin.  We need hats in first trimester, micro-preemie, preemie and newborn sizes.  To donate, please contact us via email or mail items to our mailing address.

We also have Amazon wishlists for many of our programs.  Every donation is acknowledged on our social media and can be dedicated "in memory of".  Also, we include an "in memory of" label in each donated book we receive.

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